2019 PAMA Survey

COLA is a leader in gathering data related to the value of near-patient testing to physicians in their practice as well as data about how PAMA-related cuts are impacting patient access to testing.  With discussions in Congress related to H.R. 3584, The Laboratory Access for Beneficiaries Act (LAB Act) now underway, COLA has developed a new seven-question survey to produce the latest snapshot of the impact of cuts to the Clinical Laboratory Fee Schedule on laboratory services and patient access.  The latest COLA survey also seeks data on how the cuts in the CLFS may be influencing private payer rates.

All laboratories nationwide are encouraged to participate in the new survey. After the survey is closed, COLA plans to make the data available on this website.

**Your responses will be included in the aggregate data and no information shared with us will be uniquely identifiable to any one respondent.